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School of Computing and Data Engineering

Welcome to School of Computing and Data Engineering (SCDE).School of SCDE is at the forefront of research, teaching and learning across the computer and data science and engineering.

Our People

SCDE has 59 faculty members and 49 full-time academic staff, including 5 professors and 13 associate professors. Currently, there are more than 1100 undergraduates and 20 postgraduates in the school.

SCDE has Ningbo City's life-oriented intelligent big data engineering application innovation team, Ningbo Key Laboratory of Optimization and Control Methods and Application Laboratories, Ningbo Smart Agriculture Research Institute, China-Australia Joint Research Center for Social Computing and Data Management, etc. Research platforms for the above disciplines. The Institute conducts in-depth research in data analysis and processing, Internet application technology, agricultural big data and Internet of Things, and smart medical technology.

SCDE has established cooperative relationships with more than 10 internationally renowned universities such as the University of Melbourne and Queen's University, which has greatly promoted the international level and sustainable development of the college.Our partnerships with industry are fundamental to the success of our students and future research innovation. Collaboration with local governments, industries has resulted in a number of commercial collaborations and provide a pathway for students to work on projects with industry partners.

Leadership Team:

·Professor Chaoyi Pang,Dean of School


Tel: +86 (574) 88130956

·Professor Xin Yu,Associate Dean


Tel: +86 (574) 88229187

· Associate Professor Genlang Chen,Associate Dean (Research)


Tel: +86 (574) 88130837

· Associate Professor Xinjie Yu,Associate Dean (Teaching)


Tel: +86 (574) 88130115

· Mr.Huajun Shen, Manager

· shjun@nit.net.cn

Tel: +86(574) 88229217

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